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Stalled TRANSformation
of WO-man

The Stalled TRANSformation of WO-man by Cameron Farn - 2019 - 12 Pieces at ¾ Life Scale,

1 Artist Proof, 1 in Monument Scale – Bronze, Gold Leaf, Lighting and Glass.

Pricing will be posted soon - Please Contact  Carvel Creative For Details.


Existing in a state of flux, incomplete and diminished. Stalled in mid transformation, trapped in a chrysalis gilded in the generational privilege and the arrogance of others.  The denial of WO-man’s rights has never ebbed, every day on every continent the control over one’s body is questioned, and the rights to reproduction considered a crime, genital mutilation as a means of control, the denial of education, the persecution and execution of the different. The barbarity is overwhelming. Human rights are not a privilege gifted by self-appointed betters, manmade gods or the deranged attracted to power through politics. WO-man have lived their lives as possessions, slaves, little more than religiously anointed baby machines. Then there are those who possess two spirits, the fluid, those who like the alchemists of old seek transfiguration, the metamorphosis from what is, too what should have been. the historical recorded of abuse is vast and without shame. Societies acceptance has been agonizingly slow, rarely yielding in its blind denial, and remains willfully ignorant in its need to control. The inhuman treatment of one group to protect the privileges of another has been insidiously woven into our societies and must be extracted, it is medieval, and we must evolve.


“All persons are equal no matter the cocoon in which they are cloaked or the state of metamorphosis."


  • A serene figure, representative of all WO-men, stands defiant but incomplete. A hollow fluid form waiting patiently. A broad peaked head dress gives the work purposeful upward movement. While their detached arms are restrained with a cloak fashioned from their discarded and superficial outward appearance. Their body's form is impressionistic, woven from floral strands into a gilded cage, a beautiful lie, a restraint. The large refractory glass chunk is held in place by golden threads stretching the full length of the figure, a hope, contained within.

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