"Thoughts of connectivity, potential as form, and the effects of an object on an observer are at the core of my designs. Each object is a capsule of potentiality, existing as both motion and solidity, a universe of possibilities, a choice, a pause to question what is. In essence they are each a chrysalis waiting for a moment of decision.

Ones thoughts and ideas, following an interaction with any art object, is potetially a rebirth...and I think, this is where their purpose lies.

Story will always be the driver behind each conceptual design or fabrication. Whether they are intended for bronze, wood, steel, acrylic, light or print media, my hope is that they provide a moment to consider the way we think of ourselves and the world around us and reveal an opportunity for emergence into a new world of illumination." -c77

Cameron Farn is a native of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and currently lives in Airdrie, just north of his home town. As a veteran Creative Director and Designer, in public art and specialty fabrication, collaboration with other creatives have nurtured exploration into various artistic disciplines, leading to a unique and very personal form language. As a multi-disciplinary and media artist, Cameron's work continues to be explorative in its conception, build approach and materiality. A welder, drafter and industrial painter. A commercial sculptor, illustrator and designer. Special effects and prop sculptor for film and television, teacher and mentor. He refers to these past experiences as "skill hording." But, at the center of the maelstrom of creativity is a bipolar and thought disorder. It causes time slips, spinning letters and numbers and the pushes and pulls of wild creativity followed by fatigue and eventual physical crashes. He has described his thoughts as being, "a beautiful mess to play in and on occasion, drown in." For years he harnessed his mercurial nature and creative energy to assist other artists in the pursuit of their own visions, and now to explore more deeply, his own. With the support of his wife Susan, father Jim and their family of fur babies, Lab+Huskies Freya and Loki, the artwork continues to flow, expanding into parametric modelling, architecture, lighting and more.




Welcome to MyND. A series of work presented as part of an upcoming show "SubscureD Antecedent"

These visuals are explorations into

the symmetry of thought and the

 conceptualization of ideas

as they first take form.



"New Work On The Way and its going to be just wonderfully good....," c77




Trident Fort McMurray


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