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Subjugation of Prometheus

Subjugation of Prometheus by Cameron Farn - 2019 - 12 Pieces at ¾ Life Scale, 1 Artist Proof,

1 in Monument Scale – Bronze, Gold Leaf. 

Pricing will be posted soon - Please Contact  Carvel Creative For Details.


The capturing and containment of intellect.


 A warning - "Opinion, unsupported by facts or discerned from the scientific method are in truth a candle. One which illuminates the ignorant and the uneducated. Under its soft glow is the opportunity to inform and to enlighten those whose curiosity led them to engage in a civil debate however unarmed. When one’s opinion, based solely on a “truth” engineered by its sheer audible volume and perpetuation, persists, it is not unlike a wasting disease set on killing the body. It undermines the soul, endeavors to destroy and in so doing vilifies the intellectual to gain a foot hold in a dark age of its own making. Like the eagle gnawing at the ribs of Prometheus to feast upon his innards, ignorance steels piece after piece of you until you are hollow, malleable and devoid of reason. A simple, empty vessel left undefended, exposed to man’s worst nature."



  • Held in bondage by Zeus who is disguised as an eagle headed serpent, Prometheus struggles against his captor while Zeus’s eagle represented by a large seal fixed to his body devours his soul, leaving him a withered husk, only to awaken each morning to be devoured again.


The helm, created by Hephaestus was made to hide the true nature of the gods, allowing its wearer to walk among man while appearing as one of them. Stolen and worn by Prometheus, the helm would have disguised him as he secretly gifted the fire of intellect to man. But intellects light to powerful to be subdued or extinguished even by the gods could not be hidden from Zeus’s sight and Prometheus paid the price for his hubris.


“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice, not chance, determines your destiny.” – Aristotle

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